Perfumes in the form of balms to be applied with the finger directly on the skin, like flowers on the skin....

🌱 Formulated between 95% and 98% of natural origin

🌰 With Shea butter

👜Take it everywhere with you

💗Mix & Match with your Eau de Parfum to personalize your wake



Personalize your wake!

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The desire

Smell wonderful. Feel Wonderful.

We love the poetry of everyday life and simple little pleasures, which is why we think that taking the time to notice the smells that touch us, the ones we love or hate, the ones that make us dream, cry or love, is offering ourselves moments of lightness.

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The way

A know-how

We cultivate our olfactory creativity thanks to the know-how of recognized and promising perfumers. Composed with ingredients selected for their quality, each Nolença perfume is written with great complexity, but is delivered like an evidence, without excess.

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The foundation

A clean perfumery

Aware that we live in a complex world that must reinvent itself, we are constantly questioning the relevance of our choices. We thus make strong commitments to offer you exceptional fragrances: accessible and fair prices, +85% natural fragrances, organic wheat alcohol, a refillable and recyclable bottle, and more...

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"My mum got her perfume, she was really pleased! She can't believe that we managed to find a perfume she likes, without having chosen it herself! Thank you so much!"
--- Sophie A.

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