As part of the launch of our collection of solid perfumes, we wanted to create a series of portraits on the sensory emotions related to touch and the olfactory sense. These months of social distancing and distance from bodies are upsetting our relationship to smell and touch, so we wanted to explore this subject with different personalities that inspire us so much!

And then, it was also an opportunity to make the link with the pretty and intimate gestures of solid perfume, which is applied with the finger, like flowers on the skin...

In this episode, discover the Mini portrait of @caroline. mignot, Expert in Gastronomy and Art of living.

Hello, I'm Caroline Mignot, I'm an expert in gastronomy and art of living. I write, I intervene, I create content for brands and I focus more particularly on sensations.

Lately, things have been a bit upside down... What are your plans and desires for the coming months?

During the confinement, I was even more on the lookout for my sensations... Because I was isolated like everyone else, at home, with no outside solicitations... I searched within myself for memories, evocations, and I started to share them with my Instagram community. I've had a lot of feedback, and I want to continue in this direction, I want to ask people about smells, textures, tastes, what disgusts them, what makes them feel good. It's a subject that fascinates me...

What is your favorite smell and why?

My favorite smell is not simple at all, because I always had a hard time choosing something, I always want to choose fifteen... so I would say coffee. Ground coffee. When I go to a coffee shop, there's roasting, but I especially like the moment when the coffee goes through the grinder, and there's a smell that's very fleeting and doesn't last long, but it spreads throughout the room, and I can smell it, and it's something that makes me want to drink coffee directly.

Do you have an olfactory memory related to the smell of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Orange Blossom or Bergamot?

I have a particular olfactory memory linked to vanilla... I was at spice researchers who made me smell the beans they were very proud of, and I was lucky enough to hold them in my hands, and in fact there is this smell... Already, there is the texture of the bean according to the origins. Some of them are very soft, very supple, and it's super pleasant to hold between your fingers. There's this greasy side, also a little bit of the top of the pod... And so I held them, I smelled them... And in fact there's this smell that stayed for a very long time afterwards. I took the subway again, and I spend my time having my fingers close to my face, to smell the vanilla because I'm completely addicted!

Who's the first person you'd like, or have ever hugged?

So what I missed the most during the confinement is to see my friends, my relatives of course, and not being able to have that gesture that I like so much when I see people touching me... It's just to touch them! I have this tendency like that to easily put my hand on a leg or an arm and to hold a little bit the arm of the person when he says something, when I say something ... I don't know I have this attraction towards others easily, towards people who touch me and I care about. And I couldn't do that.

In this new masked world, what is the place of perfume for you?

The place of perfume is obviously, but I always thought that, more than necessary. And during this period of confinement, I think that there has been an awareness. In any case there is one at home. I don't know if it's general, but it's not being able to smell the perfume of others. In the end, I found it complicated to be cut off from all these perfumes that are diffused when you walk down the street, when you meet someone, when you kiss someone, even if I'm not too fond of them. But in any case, I recognize something about a kiss, it's that it allows you to smell the other person's perfume. And that's really nice and I missed it a lot.

What does the hand symbolize for you?

For me, hands symbolize the pulp of my fingers. This little place that's in contact with everything, that smells everything, that detects everything... Like a balm, a cream, an oil that I'm going to rub in my hands and that I'm going to spread out afterwards. And then, the pulp of my fingers is what I also use to sauce the bottom of a bowl, or something I liked. When I run out of bread, well, I sauce with the pulp of my fingers, and that's a gesture I love ! I find it very sensual.

What would you like him or her to tell you as he or she sticks his or her nose into your fragrant neck ?

I would like him or her to say to me "I want to taste it! ».

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